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Trained researchers are increasingly valued by many different employers for their intellectual capacity, logical and analytical thinking and problem solving abilities. However, in addition to hard knowledge, employers also expect researchers to demonstrate many of the following:

  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Team-working
  • Leadership etc.

Researchers are encouraged to dedicate about 10 days per year to developing their skills. The Researcher Development Programme (RDP) and the Careers Service are offering a range of workshops, events and resources to support them in their personal, professional and career development.

Researcher Development Programme

The RDP has developed Cambridge Researcher Development Framework (CamRDF) to help PhD students achieve the overarching aim of becoming professional researchers. CamRDF  is aligned with the national Researcher Development Framework (RDF) and suggests 15 outcome based competencies that will be valued by both academic and non-academic employers in an increasingly interdisciplinary and international context.

RDP for research students provides a suite of training courses, workshops and events to support PhD students. This provision is intended to complement that of the Schools and Departments so PhD students can develop the skills they need to be successful in their research in the short term, and in whatever career they progress on to afterwards.

RDP for Postdocs/Research Staff includes training and development opportunities in leadership, teaching and learning, personal effectiveness, and strategic career management, amongst others.

Careers Service

The University also provides a tailored Careers Service for Research Staff, with Careers Advisers who specialise in the issues facing researchers in the physical sciences. The support available includes confidential one-to-one appointments, during which you can discuss any aspect of your career progression with an adviser, a programme of careers-themed workshops, and events at which you can meet former postdocs now at a later stage in their career, for advice and inspiration on career paths in academia, industry and beyond.

You can find out more here.