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Decarbonisation Activities 

Decarbonisation cuts across all of the Departments of the School of Technology.

Decarbonisation is an urgent challenge researchers across the School have made a focus to address, in collaboration with University-wide initiatives.

 Prof Srinivasan Keshav is the Robert Sansom Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Computer Science and Technology. His work includes reducing the carbon footprint of energy generation, transportation, and buildings. He is part of the UCTrees project with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) to investigate the carbon sequestration and biodiversity potential of forests, looking at both conservation and restoration.

He has recently been named the founding Vice-Chair of a new Special Interest Group on Energy set up by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). 

Dr Laura Torrente Murciano is Leader of the Process Integration and Catalysis Group in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.  The general focus of the research group is the integration of processes and development of novel catalytic routes for sustainable technologies. She is part of Resiliient Materials 4 Life programme to transform the Nation’s built environment through sustainable and resilient infrastructure, using low carbon construction materials.

 Dr Ruchi Choudhary is a Reader in Architectural Engineering in the Structures Research Group of Civil Engineering. She specializes in building simulation and environmental characteristics of the built environment to support pathways towards energy efficient cities.

 She is leading the multi-disciplinary Energy Efficient Cities initiative (EECi), initially funded by a Science & Innovation award at Cambridge. She is also co-Investigator on the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure & Construction and leads the research group on Digital Twins of Built Environment in support of decarbonisation at the Alan Turing Institute (2018-2021).

Dr Pablo Salas is the Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow in Radical Innovation and Disruption for the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and Deputy Director of the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG). His research examines the interactions among energy, environmental, financial and economic systems, aiming to improve global strategies for climate change risk reduction and sustainable economic development.