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School of Technology


In conjunction with its constituent departments and institutes, the Office of the School manages the annual process to prepare five year strategic plans to feed into the University’s annual Planning Round, which enables the University’s Institutions to monitor progress towards strategic objectives and understand the resources required to deliver them. 

Each annual planning submission sets out the School’s objectives.  The School’s annual Strategic Away Day is arranged to coincide with start of the process each July.  Rolling review of the School’s academic vision feeds into Away Day discussions, with an updated version submitted to the University at the end of the Michaelmas term, each year.

Plans forecast pay and non-pay expenditure against a range of income streams, including research grants, trust funds, donations and trading accounts as well as strategic reserves and University funds, derived from government block grants and covering a five year period. 

Student numbers, both postgraduate and undergraduate, are also projected, following input from departments and respective course directors.

For further information regarding the Planning Rounds please visit the University's Planning page.

The School research funding information (the Yellow Book) can be found on the University's Information-hub website restricted to University members only.