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School of Technology


The School of Technology is one of six Schools of the University of Cambridge, each having an Office of the School with governance and administrative responsibilities for its constituent departments.

The Office of the School is responsible for proposing, consulting and implementing School-wide polices and administrative procedures, ensuring compliance within the general governance framework, and financial control.

We are responsible for the School-level committees which support the decision-making at the Council of the School, the School’s governing body.

We work closely with Departments within the School and the central administration, particularly with the Academic Division, Finance Division, the Research Office and Human Resources, as well as a number of external institutions and Funders such as the EPSRC.


We support financially-informed decision-making and planning within the School and ensuring Financial Regulations and other policies and procedures are implemented and maintained at Departmental level. We provide support and advice to Departments on financial matters, accounting processes and procedures relating to the use and management of the University’s Finance System. Key link with the Finance Division.


We are responsible for the development and management of School-wide strategies, policies and initiatives to improve research grant income and application success rates in the School.

We coordinate Research Funding applications that require selection and approval at School level. Information on funding applications needing School involvement can be found here.


We are responsible for addressing strategic education issues and coordinating activities to support undergraduate and postgraduate education in the School through the Undergraduate Committee and Postgraduate School Committee.

We support a range of Doctoral Training opportunities including the Centres for Doctoral Training and ICASE awards both funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), as well as the WD Armstrong studentship awards.

Human Resources

We support management and staff by providing: HR management information; case support; guidance on the application of HR policies and procedures. The HR Business Manager takes the lead on significant HR projects and complex employment issues.