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School of Technology

Welcome to University of Cambridge School of Technology


Departments in the School of Technology provide education of outstanding quality at the undergraduate, postgraduate and professional-development levels, producing high-calibre graduates who can play leading roles in their chosen careers. 

Our staff and students are selected on intellectual merit, regardless of gender, race and disabilities.

The School seeks to achieve impact through education, research, and by co-developing solutions with our industry partners to real-world commercial and societal problems.


Wellbeing Webinar - Mini Session Friday 8th September

Tiny Pause, a company who focus on providing wellbeing webinars and have worked across the University, is offering a short session ( 30 minutes) on Recharge and Refocus for the School of Technology on Friday 8th September 2023.

This is a 30 minute mini webinar session covering three main aims: 

  • 5 minute guided Mini Mindfulness practice - recharge the mind
  • Plan a 'Deep Work' focus hour for this week - protect time for quality focus
  • Plan a high quality restorative break for the next 24 hours - find valuable perspective

Register hereFriday 8th September 12.30pm - 1pm BST

If you have any questions regarding the webinar or Tiny Pause, please contact your HR Department.