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School of Technology


The School Of Technology

The Office of the School coordinates and facilitates research funding activities that need School Level support or oversight, such as Restricted Calls, working closely with Departments within the School and the Central Administration.

We are responsible for the development and management of School-wide strategies, policies and initiatives to improve research grant income and application success rates.

The Departments within the School provide the front line of Research Support Provision and should be contacted in the first instance for advice and support about funding proposal development.

The School of Technology Research Operations Office Pre-Award Team are also available to provide guidance at an early stage of funding applications.

  • As well as funder deadlines for submission of funding applications, please make yourself aware of department submission deadlines as well as University deadlines – which depend on if the funding requested is over £250,000.
  • Please check if your application needs a Letter of Support from your Head of Department, your Head of School or the Pro-Vice Chancellor

Resource Links

Good Research Practice

Good research practices, supported by policies and working methods, support excellence in research and a positive research culture, and are key considerations during the development of research and funding applications.

Information to help communicate how your research and how the University maintains a positive Research Culture can be accessed on the Research Support Resources Site.

Research Culture

A positive research culture supports not just researchers and innovators but also the entire ecosystem which supports the research and innovation endeavour.

Please find out more about the UKRI’s approach in improving Research and Innovation Culture across multiple disciplines.

School Research Support Resources

To assist with relevant funding schemes the School has compiled a set of Exemplar Successfully Awarded Proposals as a Proposal Bank is part of our School of Technology Proposal Support Resources (Raven Login)

Training & Development

The University runs a range of useful courses and Research Operations Office offers resources and training on developing funding applications and research projects for Principal Investigators.