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School of Technology


Internal support services  

Occupational health:

The Occupational Health Service aims to complement the University’s academic reputation by providing a support service that promotes and preserves both the physical and mental wellbeing of all staff, students and visitors. The occupational health team comprises of a small team of occupational health specialist doctors and nurses and administrative personnel who: 

  • devise preventative strategies for identifying and controlling hazards to health arising from work 
  • advise on fitness for work, vocational placement, return to work after illness, ill health retirement, work-related illness and the control of occupational hazards 
  • assist in fulfilling statutory (e.g. health surveillance) and regulatory requirements (e.g. guidance on food safety, the application of the Equality Act) to ensure that the health of staff and others is not adversely affected by their work 
  • ensure that work health issues are appropriately managed 
  • promote health and wellbeing at work 

Tel: 01223 (3)36594 



Staff Counselling Service:  

The Staff Counselling Centre offers confidential personal counselling to help with personal or work-related problems. Sessions take place away from the work environment. College staff may be seen once for assessment and onward referral in the Student Counselling Service. 

School of Technology HR Team: 

The HR Business Managers and HR Advisers are the principal points of contact for designated Institutions. The Clinical School HR Team contact details can be found here. 

Full details regarding the wider University’s Human Resources contacts, staff policies and all other information for staff are available at the website below. 


Dignity @ Work:  

Dignity@Work Contacts are volunteer members of staff, drawn from a variety of backgrounds and roles throughout the University, who have received training to act as a first point of contact for members of staff and sometimes graduate students who are being bullied or harassed, or have been accused of bulling or harassment. 


Jackie to add piece on Mediation? 

Tel: Jackie Stone, Mediation Coordinator 01223 (7)65544 

Louise Akroyd, Mediation Coordinator 01223 (7)65821 


Through a very broad range of opportunities the Chaplain works across the University with departments, groups and policy issues, seeking to provide pastoral care to those not linked with colleges and to stimulate understanding of and provision for those of all faiths and none. 

External support services

Are we able to emulate something such as the Clinical Medicine page: Link