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School of Technology


Postgraduate Studentships in the Application of Engineering in Medicine

The Managers expect each year to elect at least one W. D. Armstrong Studentship, tenable in the University, for full-time postgraduate work towards the PhD degree in a field related to the application of engineering in medicine.

For the current round (for students starting in the academic year 2022-23), the number of studentships to be offered is 5.

The studentship will normally be available to home, EU or overseas students. The financial support comprises approved College and University fees (at the Home rate) and maintenance paid in accordance with the standard EPSRC yearly rate, together with any fee approved by the Managers for training. Note that a student subject to international fees would accept an Armstrong studentship on the understanding that the difference in fees is the responsibility of the individual (or from resources available to the Supervisor/Department).
In fixing the value of the studentship, account will be taken of other resources available to the student, including other awards held. The studentship will normally be held, subject to satisfactory progress, for the prescribed duration of the course and, for studentships awarded after 1 October 2021, will be limited in length to not more than three and a half years. In the case of a student who is awarded an Armstrong Studentship after the start of their course, the length limit will be shorter. The goal will be to contribute to a total of no more than three and a half years of support for research, taking all sources into account.

The managers will consider funding part of a course, for instance if a student has had funding during their first year which has run out. In these circumstances, the managers will not contribute to funding beyond a total of three and a half years, however long funding from other sources may last for. Hence, if a student was self-funded during their first year, the managers may consider offering funding for up to two and a half years.

The managers will consider part-funding a student that has partial support from another source or is partially self-funded.  The managers will not offer any support (either in terms of fees or maintenance) if the student is in receipt of income (from any combination of sources) that makes them better off than a student funded at the standard EPSRC rate.

Students applying to undertake research in the eligible Departments (the Department of Engineering, the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, and the Department of Computer Science and Technology) in the School of Technology and any of the departments in the School of the Clinical Medicine), will be considered for nomination for a W.D. Armstrong studentship by their Departments. There is no need for prospective students to apply separately.

Supervisors are invited to propose projects as soon as possible and submit them to the Secretary of the Fund at, for consideration by the Fund Managers. A copy of the supervisor application form can be found below.
The deadline for submitting Supervisor applications for the current round is closed. The next round will be launched during Michaelmas term 2022.

If a student is nominated at the same time as submitting the Supervisor application, please also include the Graduate Application Form. If more than one student is nominated, Supervisors are asked to rank the applications.

Outcomes for Supervisor applications have been communicated. Supervisors will have a deadline of 31 July 2022 to recruit students for an October 2022 start and 30 September 2022 for a January 2023 start. Should these deadlines not be met, the application will lapse but the Supervisor may make a new application on the next round.

Application Form