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School of Technology


Letters of Support 

Further information as to the School Letters of Support process for VC/PVC Letters can be accessed here

Information as to the Head of School Letters of Support process can be accessed here.

There has been an increase in calls where sponsors request an institutional letter of support to be submitted with the application for funding.

Please confirm first with the sponsor whether the Vice Chancellor (VC)/or Pro-Vice Chancellor (PVC) Research needs to sign the letter or whether this could be done by the Head of School or Department. If the call doesn’t require a signature by the VC / PVC Research, normally the Head of School or Department can sign the letter.

In order to allow sufficient time for the review and signing of letters, from 1 April 2020 requests and draft support letters must be submitted to the Research Strategy Office 20 (twenty) working days ahead of the sponsor's deadline. The Vice Chancellor or the PVC Research will reserve the right to refuse to sign support letters which do not meet this submission deadline.

Please visit the Research Strategy Office pages for information as to the Procedure for VC and PVC Research support letters.