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School of Technology


There are an increasing number of institutional grants, funding calls, and research funds that require facilitation and coordination to maximise their benefit to the University. The Research Strategy Office oversees such calls, grants and funds with many requiring coordination and selection at the School level.

Restricted Calls

Restricted calls are calls in which the sponsor/funder requires the University to coordinate and/or preselect the applications that can be submitted for consideration e.g. as the number of applications an institution can submit or the number of awards the sponsor will make is limited, or that the institution ensures there is no overlap between proposals submitted to the same call.

Information about the University's management of Restricted Calls as well as funding schemes under this Restricted Calls process can be found on the Research Strategy Office Site pages.

Please check whether your Funding Scheme falls under the Unversity Restricted Call coordination process.

Information on Restricted Calls that require School involvement can be found here.

EPSRC Equipment Bids

EPSRC Strategic Equipment Fund is intended to enhance UK scientific capability and support a portfolio of high-quality, cutting-edge research of high priority to EPSRC. The request should fit with the host university strategy and enable research that predominantly falls within EPSRC's remit.

The School Policy on Equipment bids facilitates EPSRC Strategic Equipment applications

PIs are required to register their interest in applying for strategic equipment funding with the School Office well ahead of submitting any application which requires School level facilitation and coordination.