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School of Technology : Staff Survey Update

The Department of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and the Computer Laboratory conducted a survey for their staff during March 2015.    The results provided in the form of anonymous analytical reports provided by the survey provider, ORC International, are available to members of the Cambridge University via the following links:

1. Flash Report

This report details the total number of responses to each question and a percentage breakdown of how each question was answered.

2. Benchmarking Report

This report contains data that enables benchmarking of the School’s results compared with those of other organisations that have conducted similar surveys with the survey provider.

3. Summary Report 

This report summarises the results for each question into three categories: positive, neutral and negative.  It also provides the three highest and lowest scoring questions and how they compare with the benchmark data.


Each department has shared the results with staff and carried out more detailed analysis, developing an action plan to take forward initiatives arising from these findings.  Further information on these activities can be obtained from the Head of Department or the Departmental Administrator in the relevant department.