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Sharing data with other researchers

When research participants give their consent, they are agreeing to participate in a specific study, having research objectives that they are aware of. In a typical technology study, participants should be given the name of the researcher and the supervisor of the research, so that they know who is responsible for the protection and use of the data collected from them.

It is typically assumed that data obtained from human participants will only be used by the research team directly involved in the research that they have consented to.

If one of the objects of the research is to collect a research data corpus for distribution to other organisations, to be used for other research purposes, participants should be made aware of this at the time they give consent.

If data will be stored and analysed by researchers in multiple institutions, appropriate ethical approval should be obtained at each institution.

In cases where participants have given consent for data to be used by multiple organisations, data security will be a particular challenge. If at all possible, only anonymised data should be sent to other organisations. Special precautions should be taken, and the ethics committee informed, if it is necessary to transfer personal data, or data in which individuals can be identified.