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School of Technology Ethics Committee

The School provides ethics advice or review only to cases referred from departmental or other University committees - please refer to your Departmental Research Ethics Team in the first instance.

Please see the information contained in the School of Technology Ethical Code for Research.

Further information can be found in the School of Technology Ethics Committee Terms of Reference 

  • The School of Technology Ethics Committee consists of the Head of School or a nominated representative as Chair, together with at least three additional faculty members, and reports to the School Research Committee.
  • The School Ethics Committee:
    • provides advice to Departments on their review process and approve ethics policies written by Departments
    • facilitates the independent review of the ethics of a piece of proposed research work when directed to do so by Departmental review 
    • investigates any potential breach of Departmental or School ethics policy when requested to do so by Departmental review
  • When facilitating independent review, the Ethics Committee refers proposals to an existing review panel elsewhere in the University as appropriate. If no such panel exists, the Ethics Committee convenes a Specialist Panel to review the proposal. The chair of the Ethics Committee shall nominate the membership of the Specialist Panel, which will normally be approved by the Ethics Committee by circulation.
  • A Specialist Panel will consist of at least three members who have no personal or departmental conflict of interest with respect to the particular research concerned and may include the Head of the School, plus additional specialist experts, where appropriate.
  • The Specialist Panel may seek advice and guidance from colleagues within the School or outside experts. It will aim wherever possible to notify the applicant within two months of receiving a complete application. If difficulties arise, it will consult with the applicant and seek to resolve any issues. In case of conflict within the panel, the decision of the chair will be binding.

Referral of Ethics Reviews to the School Committee

The School of Technology facilitates the independent review of the ethics of a piece of proposed research work when requested to do so by Departmental review via the Departmental Ethics Committee.

Further Information can be found in the School Ethics Committee Decision Procedure. 

The completed Application Form should be sent by the Departmental Ethics Committee to

Please ensure that applications are submitted well in advance of any funding submission deadlines to enable an appropriate Panel to be convened if this may be required.