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Policies and Guidance

School HR Policies

Permissions to Fill

To apply for permission to fill vacancies or create new posts, please see the School process:

School Policy


Strategic Justification


Academic Recruitment

For your convenience, an outline of the academic recruitment process and relevant forms are downloadable from this page: 

In the Joint Report of the Council and the General Board on arrangements for non-Professorial academic recruitment

The proposals establish an overall procedural framework for academic recruitment that would apply to all established non-Professorial academic staff currently made by Appointments Committees, with effect from 1 June 2018. Appointments Committees (as constituted in Statutes and Ordinances) have been replaced by Selection Committees.

The School academic recruitment process has been considered and supported by the School's HR Committee and the School's HR departmental administrators.  At the meeting of the Council of the School on 15 June 2018, the proposal was fully endorsed, with an effective date of 1 August 2018:


Recruitment Incentive Policy (Cam only)

To apply for a Recruitment Incentive Payment, Departments are requested to see the following School process:

Recruitment Incentive Policy (note that a reminder is sent out annually)


Re-grading (Cam only)

To apply for a regrading, please complete the following template and obtain approval from the Department:

School Re-grading Form


School Research Process

EPSRC Strategic Equipment Bids

The School operates the following process to facilitate EPSRC Strategic Equipment applications:

School Policy

Head of School support letter request


Other Useful Templates

Equipment / Capital Fund Process Summary

Memo from PRAO

Contingency Reserve Form

School of Technology staff leaving form