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About the Graduate School

GraduationThe Graduate School of Technology was established on 28 January 2011 and exists to serve the graduate communities of the Department of Engineering, the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, the Department of Computer Science and Technology and the Judge Business School.

The chief aims of the Graduate School are to promote the best interests of the graduate students of the School (which is, de facto, in the best interests of the School and the University) and to pursue activities that add value to how graduate education is delivered across the School and within the individual Departments of the School.

The role of the Graduate School is to:

  • improve the quality of graduate education, including the co-ordination and provision of transferable skill training;
  • improve student experience by encouraging good practice across the Departments;
  • represent the School of Technology internally and externally on graduate matters;
  • improve administration of post-graduate education by sharing knowledge and best practice in admissions, feedback and monitoring of student and supervisor performance across the Departments of the School;
  • promote interdisciplinary activity and collaboration;
  • provide a platform for responding to and addressing emerging issues at University level, such as student surveys, as referred to by bodies such as the General Board and the Council of the School;
  • engage with a wide range of stakeholders, such as the re-structured Academic Division, in the co-ordination and management of graduate education across the University;
  • engage with Colleges in developing a coherent, organised and sustainable structure for graduate education comparable with that in place at the undergraduate level.

Graduate School Committee

The Graduate School committee is chaired by the Head of School or a nominated individual with the following members:

  • up to two academic (or equivalent) representatives for graduate education from each of the Departments/Institutions,
  • two postgraduate students appointed by the Council of the School for a period of up to two years.

The Assistant Secretary of the School is the Secretary.

One administrative representative from each Department will be nominated by the academic members for each Department and will attend the meeting as observers.

Current membership

Current membership list

Dates of Meetings

The dates of meetings of the Graduate School Committee are available here.

Meeting Papers

Access to the Graduate School Committee meeting papers is restricted to Committee members only.